The adventures of Farmer Mick and his colourful cast of farm machines and animals are sure to amuse, inform and entertain all children who love a great story...

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Harvest time on Farmer Mick's farm is always hectic. And things don't always go to plan. But when a careless mistake halts progress on the very first day, tempers flare and the trouble begins.

Mick already has his hands full sorting out one problem when another, more serious drama unfolds. And this one requires urgent action, quick thinking and teamwork. Can Mick save the day?

Cleverly written and beautifully illustrated, Harvest Time Havoc is a playful, action-packed story every little person will love!

Part proceeds from the sale of this book supports the Aussie Helpers Children's Fund

"We were lucky enough to have a friend buy a signed copy of Harvest Time Havoc for my son a couple of years ago. It has been over 12 months (probably last harvest) since we read the book.

We have just started our harvest here in South East WA, and have had a "typical" first day! My four year old son was sitting on the header with his Dad as myself and our two year old were doing all the run around fix up jobs and shifting this and shifting that. When I picked Mr 4 up, out of the blue he says: "We are having a Harvest Time Havoc day!" It totally cracked up me up. I have just finished reading the book to my boys before bed. And I am sure that we will be reading it every night the next few weeks.

Thanks for writing a fantastic book that our kids can relate to!"

-- Helen Burton
Ravensthorpe WA

Lee Kernaghan (right) with the author, Brendan Casey

Colour-in pages:

Clarrie and Kenny

Mick, Dutchy and Doc

Mick and Trent

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About the Author:

Brendan Casey is a best-selling technical author and hydraulics expert - his current day job.

The Farmer Mick stories are based on Brendan's experience growing up and working on farms with his father, Mick. This is something he did for the first 23 years of his life.

So Farmer Mick and some of the other characters you'll meet were real. But many are imagined. And while based in fact, the stories are fantasy - written to amuse, entertain and inform.

Farmer Mick™ text and illustrations copyright © Brendan Casey 2009. All rights reserved.